Glacier with Pathos


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The length of blade: 75 cm, the width of blade: 20 cm.
The length with footpocket is around 90 cm which depends on the size of your footpocket.
Blade angel: 26 degree
Stiffness: Super soft, Soft, Medium.
There is four color you can choose for the logo: Dark blue, blue, tiffany green, yellow and white.
U-shape water rails, 100% silicon made. There are translucent and black color can be chosen.
You can also have white or black water rails which made of rubber.

Fins are made to order. Lead time is around 5-10 working days.
To avoid long waiting, please contact with us to make sure if the fins is in stock and confirm the production schedule.

To choose a comfortable stiffness for yourself. the following advice may help. There is three stiffness according to individual needs. The edition of super soft design is special for women, it lighten the burden on your muscle. Soft edition is design for women who who prefer powerful propulsion or man, medium one is for man who prefer powerful propulsion.

We're always willing to help, contact with us if you got any problem.

Please see the below ordering info before your order.

WARRANTY: one year after the date of purchase.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 85 × 15 × 22 cm