• How to choose footpocket?
    We choose Pathos from Greece and Cetma Swing from Italy to match on our blades .. .
    There are several difference between them, for example, Pathos are lighter than Swing.
    The efficiency Pathos are also better than Swing. Pathos are cheaper as well. However, the smallest size of Pathos could not fit on small size feet. There is smallest size for girls whose feet size is under 24cm.
  • How to choose the size?
    Kindly remind,find a diving shop near by who has Pathos or Swing footpocket and try on.You can also measure your feet size length in cm, we will give you a suggestion of size choosing.
  • The difference between Carbon and Glass fiber
    Primary, there are two difference between carbon fiber and glass fiber, first is weight, second is flexibility. At the same weight, carbon will be double strength than glassfiber, even better flexibility. The rigidity of carbon is also better, it pushes us more powerful and better effectiveness under water. However, compares to plastic fins, glass fiber still perform high effectiveness.
  • Difference of design version of glassfiber
    The design version cost 9500 TWD, which is designed by our designer, the copyright belongs to Prussian Blue. No design version cost 8800 TWD, there is no copyright of them.
  • Difference between Pb81 and Pb75
    Layer design of PB75 shows high efficiency. The surface layer condition of the carbon blade corresponds to tails. The groove design increases strength of edge and flexibility when bending. We put higher rigidity aerospace standard carbon fiber into our product, to increase 30% stiffness and get into better efficiency.
    Length: PB75/ PB81 : 75cm/ 81cm
    Angel: PB75/ PB81 : 26/ 28
    Weight: PB75/ PB81 : 160g-205g/ 200g-250g
  • Difference between glass fiber new and old design
    The new design of glassfiber is shorter, which is 75 cm compares to previous one 81 cm. The same as PB75, in order to increase the efficiency, we transform layers. About the appearance, for better coloration, we make both side of blade display vivid color. Compares to previous design, the new one shows more colorful and prettier design.
  • How to choose stiffness?
    Please see the below form to check if the stiffness is suitable for you.
    However, this is our suggestion of your weight, to pick up a comfortable stiffness for you, it also relies on if you work out or not.
    GF: Glassfiber, SS: Super soft, S: Soft, S+: Soft+, M: Medium.

  • Difference between rubber and silicon rails
    Silicon rails could not match on blades 100% if your feet are always fighting. However, silicon won't oxidize by time or sunshine.
    Rubber rails could be 100% adhere. The shortage is hardening by time.
  • How to choose your first fin?
    Try to find one is suitable for you, the most comfortable one is what you need.
    A large proportion of freediving longfins divide into three materials, plastic, glassfiber and carbon. Concern with budget, plastic one is the cheapest one to buy, Carbon is the most expensive one. most people take price into account. Plastic fins is also the most durable one, in contrast to carbon and glassfiber, they are fragile. On the contrary, carbon shows best flexibility and efficiency. However, if you have any chance to try out those fins, it's best way to find "your fins".
  • Is it available to peel of footpocket?
    Yes, the process fee is 500 TWD. However, we don't guarantee your footpocket will not break. Please make sure your feet size are correct before purchasing.
  • Is there warranty from dealer?
    Yes! of course.
    You can contact with dealer or us to discuss of repair things.
  • Maintenance
    To take care of your fins, first thing is understanding the correct way to put on your fins. Never put them on before you go into water. To prolongs the life span, please avoiding letting fins expose under sunshine.
    To clean your fins, wash your fins after go into ocean or even swimming pool. The best way is putting them into a tub, dip them into water for few hours to dissolve salt.
    Dry your fins in the shadow, do not let them place at somewhere easy to fall down.
    About storage, the most important thing, do not let heavy stuff out on your fins, especially your weight. Do not put your fins into small bag too long, it will make your fins deform.
  • The difference between glue and screw on.
    Pathos footpocket can only glue on blades, however, there are two way to match on blades with swing footpocket, glue on and screw on.
    Let's talk about the advantage and shortness.
    Advantage of glue on,
    1. Combination of blades are better.
    2. No need to drill a hole on blades.
    3. As long as you can find super glue, it's easy to match footpocket on.
    Shortage of glue on,
    1. Long time using, the chemical change could separate footpocket and blades.
    2. It could mess up if you are not good at doing glue on things.
    Advantage of screw up,
    1. It's available to change blades after screw up.
    2. It cost few time to screw it up after drilling a hloe.
    Shortage of screw up,
    1. Long time using could cause blades break from the hole.
    2, The combination is not as good as glue on.
    ***If there is any damage from drilling hole, it doesn't cover in warranty.***